Peanut Blanched

Peanut Blanched

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A couple of the largest markets for peanuts in the World are North America and Europe. With each passing year, the demand for blanched peanuts, groundnuts and peanuts in the shell is increasing by nearly 5%. Since the commencement of our journey, we have been operating as one of the trusted peanuts exporters in India. Every single time, we make sure that we collect and export the purest and best quality peanuts.

Interesting Facts about Peanuts

Peanut is widely regarded as groundnuts. These are cultivated as a legume crop primarily because the seeds are edible. Tropics and subtropics environments favour the growth of peanuts significantly. Most classify peanuts as an oil-producing crop and a grain legume. Peanuts are referred to as hypogaea (i.e. under the earth) when grown as a crop and these belong to the Leguminosae family when cultivated as a legume.

Similar to the majority of other legume crops, in their root nodules, peanuts also allow nitrogen-fixing bacteria to reproduce. As a result, peanuts need very less nitrogen-rich fertiliser because of their nitrogen-fixing capacity, which eventually makes the soil more fertile.

We Export Blanched Peanuts

Keeping the hard outer shell intact, the procedure of peanuts harvest is carried out. Despite the removal of the shell of peanuts, thin skin on the exterior part of the nuts exists. One ends up getting redskin peanuts when they stay away from riding the nuts of that skin. Get the most competitive peanuts tenders In India from Vruj Agro-Industry.

The method of peanut blanching is really easy and simple. Moreover, it doesn’t take much time. First, it is essential to put peanuts in hot water for about two to three minutes. The very next step is to quickly cool the peanuts and rub off their skins. Blanched peanuts are ready to export after the skinless peanuts are dried and refrigerated.

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Colour Whitish
Moisture 4% Max
Protein 12% Max
Red Skin 3% Max
Imperfect 3 TO 4% Max
Moulds and Live Insects NIL
Aflatoxin < Than 5 PPB
Packing In 25 Kg Vacuum Packing
Container Load 19 MT / 1 X 20′ FT
26 MT/ 1 X 40’ FT