Coconut Products

Coconut Exporters

At Vruj Agro-Industry, it matters to us that we are the premier names in coconut export in India. We are the coconut exporters of choice because we put quality on a pedestal and strive to bring products that are always the best. Our coconuts are known for being native to our soil and are full of goodness. As true professionals, we export them to foreign shores with agility and timeliness.

Quality Is Never Compromised With

We always select the best coconuts from our local farmers with whom we share a strong relationship. We give them the best price for their coconuts so that they can keep producing good-quality crops throughout the season. We understand how important it is to produce coconuts that are high in quality and that is exactly what we encourage our Indian farmers to do.

Coconut: A Treasure Trove of Nutrients

Coconut tenders in India are highly nutritious. They are rich in protein content and minerals. Virgin coconut oil that is not ''refined'’ is considered to be great for heart health and is promoted as a way of bringing bad cholesterol levels down. It also has very good antioxidants which fight the free radicals in the human body.

It is very easy to include coconut in meals. You can use coconut oil to cook food, and you can use the tender parts as shavings, grounded, or even as a paste in food. It is delicious and is something easy to cook.

Coconuts Exporting Is What We Do

As coconut exporters in India, we promise to bring you the best coconuts that can be used in various ways on foreign shores. We also promise confidentiality and timeliness as something we bring to our customers. At Vruj Agro-Industry, do get in touch with us.