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Now that the world is finally accepting the age-old knowledge of our ancestors, it is waking up to quality foods that are ancient in their history. Groundnuts is a perfect example. At Agro-Industry, we are the top groundnuts exporters in India and our superior products speak for themselves.

Why Groundnuts?

This innocuous-looking nut may not feel like it's something fantastic. But the opposite is actually true. Groundnuts are a superfood that has tremendous nutrients and benefits on offer. This easy-to-find (in India) nut is full of antioxidants and fights the free radicals in the body. It causes the formation of new blood cells and has high levels of vitamins. It also has many other significant benefits.

It is truly a food that is good for the heart and health. It is also used to make cooking oil.

Our company is happy to source some of the world’s best groundnuts available and export them to foreign shores. We want the world to enjoy our rich tradition of myriad varieties of crops and that is why we export the best groundnut tenders in India.

Why We Are The Best Groundnut Exporter.

Here are things that make us stand out:

  • High-Quality Groundnut Tenders:
    We source our groundnuts from farmers all across India. And we only export groundnuts that are best in quality.
  • On-Schedule Delivery:
    You can be assured that we will deliver your order on time.
  • Sustainable Practices:
    As a company, we are proud to say we are sustainable in our work practices.

The Groundnut Exporter of Choice

Trust us at Vruj Agro-Industry to bring you quality groundnuts you can repurpose to meet your business needs. Sell them as they are or process them to make cooking oil. Get in touch with us for excellent groundnut tenders in India.