Fresh Gir Keshar Mango

Fresh Gir Keshar Mango

Freshest and Tastiest Gir Kesar Mango Exporter

We take pride in functioning as one of the most reliable Gir Kesar Mango Exporters in India. Kesar mangoes are remarkably popular all over the world. So, it is very much apparent that apart from Indians, people residing in different countries also enjoy having one of the world’s juiciest mangoes.

Kesar mango is widely grown in Girnar foothills in the Western Indian State of Gujarat. This mango variety stands out primarily owing to its pulp which has a bright orange colour. In addition, there are a few more aspects that positively impact the popularity of Kesar mangoes – taste, colour, quality and shelf life.

Who Named these Mangoes ‘Kesar’?

Junagadh Wazir Sale Bhai was the one who started growing these mangoes in 1931 in Vanthali. He planted nearly 75 grafts at the Junagadh Laal Dori farm in the Girnar foothills. The Nawab of Junagadh Muhammad Mahabat Khan III named these mangoes ‘Kesar’ in 1934 because of the orangish pulp. Gujarati and Hindi speaking people regard ‘Saffron’ as Kesar. And since then, these mangoes have been known as Kesar mangoes.

Prominent Cultivation Area

This juicy variety of mangoes is cultivated extensively in Junagadh and Amreli districts in Gujarat’s Saurashtra region. On average, two lakh tonnes of Kesar mangoes are produced every year. However, being one of the leading Gir Kesar mango exporters in India, Vruj Agro-Industry only collects and exports the ones grown around the sanctuary at the Gir foothills.

Cultivation and Harvest Time

Post monsoon, mostly from the first week of October, the cultivation of Kesar mangoes starts taking place. These lips-smacking mangoes are harvested between the months of April and May.

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