Onion Exporters in India

Onions are a useful and vital crop that is grown in abundance in India. Our onions are high in nutrients and are therefore very popular. Onions are easily available in India but not so easily in many parts of the world. But because of the obvious benefits it offers, there is huge export demand.

At Vruj Agro-Industry, we are the onion exporters of choice for many food-based companies. Our focus on providing quality products is what makes us different.

Good Onions Are Something Vital To Cooking

When your onions are fresh and don’t smell bad, they make very tasty dishes. Whether one eats them as a fried snack or an integral part of everyday cooking, it is a versatile crop. Onion tenders in India are high in carbohydrates and are a rich source of antioxidants. It is also known for its heart-healthy properties.

Onions are something every kitchen needs. If you are to cook Indian food, it will usually start with you chopping onions. It makes your cooking flavourful and it also acts as an important food base for cooking a variety of dishes. As onion exporters in India, we understand how important it is to bring quality peanuts to foreign shores and that is what we do.

What Makes Us Stand Out As Onion Exporters

  • Quality:
    We never compromise on quality. Quality onions are sourced from hardworking farmers of India and exported.
  • Price:
    Our onion tenders are priced reasonably so that you can gain a good profit with them.
  • Timely Service:
    Our exports always arrive on time because we ensure that the logistics are maintained well.

Best Onion Exporters of Choice

Trust Vruj Agro-Industry for bringing to you high-quality onions. Let us know how much quantity you need and we will export it to you after packaging it properly.

Parameters Value
Product Type Spring Onion
Quality Available A Grade
Onion Size Available Medium
Storage Tips Cold Storage
Packaging Type Gunny Bag
Is It Organic Organic
Packaging Size 50 Kg